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 SmartLine SLE Plus

FR Cylinder Range

Fast recovery Tank-in-Tank cylinder
– Built with heat pumps in mind…

Based on the proven Tank-in-Tank design, ACV have adapted the SLE cylinder to get the most out of any Heat Pump installation. By adding multiple connections you can now connect a Heat Pump directly into the primary tank allowing your Heat Pump to not only serve your heating system but also benefit your domestic hot water! A greater heat transfer surface means Tank-in-Tank units recover much faster than any other type of hot water storage cylinder – Keeping boiler cycling to a minimum, and ultimately giving improved fuel efficiency with outstanding hot water delivery.

High Outputs – Fast Recovery
At a time when consumers are demanding ever higher performance from their hot water installations, the traditional coil-based cylinder is often hard-pressed to keep up with demand. ACV Tank-in-Tank technology represents a significant advance in the science of hot water storage... so much so that, in virtually every situation encountered, the coil-based cylinder is completely out-classed.

Tank-In-Tank Technology
ACV’s advanced implementation of thermal storage technology is tried and tested and is remarkably simple, efficient and reliable. An inner stainless steel hot water cylinder is heated by primary water circulating through a surrounding outer tank connected to the boiler in the usual way. A much larger heat transfer surface means that Tank-in-Tank units recover much faster than any other kind of hot water storage device - and keeps boiler cycling to a minimum.

Resistance to Scaling
The special design of the inner cylinder not only helps ensure scale-free operation but also avoids the sediment problems that plague conventional cylinders.

Below is an example of the new SLE Plus connected to a Heat Pump system


SLE Plus 210/240/300 – 7 heating connections

SLE 130/160 – 2 heating connections



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