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FR Cylinder Range

Large volume domestic hot water

Stainless Steel – Long Life
The hot water tank is made of stainless steel. It constitutes the inner tank of the Tank-in-Tank water heater, completely immersed in the primary water of the heating circuit.

Incorporated into HeatMaster Scheme
This solution combines the advantages of large storage capacity with those of instantaneous DHW generation. It eliminates all of the problems associated with space and maintenance requirements, reducing operating costs as well as ensuring outstanding domestic hot water performance levels.

Its large heat exchange surface (1.5 to 2.5 times more than that of a traditional coil) enables it to heat a large quantity of domestic hot water in a very short time, which reduces the volume of water stored and limits energy losses.

• Tank-in-Tank floor standing indirect hot water storage tank
• Stainless steel construction - no need for sacrificial anodes
• High performance - fast heat up and rapid recovery
• Fully insulated
• Stove enamelled steel casing, supplied separately to enable the tank to pass through standard 800mm doorways
• Two sizes - 800 and 1000 litres
• Can be used in battery formation for high output installations
• Vented or unvented use, with mains pressure SystemPak available
• Large heating surface area means reduced boiler cycling



Technical DataJumbo  
 Jumbo 800Jumbo 1000
Total capacityL8001000
Primary capacityL125160
Heating surface aream24.565.5
Primary pressure dropmbar96101
Primary flow rateLtrs/hr75007800
Maximum useable input from boilerkW100112
Primary connections (female BSP)Æ2"2"
Hot water connections (male BSP)Æ2"2"
Weight emptykg360380
Weight fullkg11601380
Performance Data   
Litres in first 10 minutes 40°C18812265
Litres in first 10 minutes 45°C16121941
Litres in first 10 minutes 60°C9611145
Litres in first hour40°C42704940
Litres in first hour45°C36604234
Litres in first hour60°C21242438
Continuous flow 40°CLtrs/hr28683210
Continuous flow 45°CLtrs/hr24582751
Continuous flow 60°CLtrs/hr13951552


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