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SmartLine SL...

FR Cylinder Range

Fast recovery tank-in-tank cylinder 
– perfect partner to condensing boiler.

At a time when consumers are demanding higher performance from their hot water installations, the traditional coil based cylinders find it more difficult to deliver high volumes of water for the modern user. ACV Tank-in-Tank technology represents a significant
advance in the science of hot water production. A greater heat transfer surface means Tank-in-Tank units recover much faster than any other type of hot water storage cylinder – keeping boiler cycling to a minimum, and ultimately giving improved fuel efficiency with outstanding hot water delivery.

SmartLine SL Features:

• Stainless steel construction – no anode protection required
• Low heat loss – high quality 50mm polyurethane insulation
• Easy access control pod with thermostats and sixpin plug for simple electrical connection
• Hard wearing polypropylene finish 
• Vented or unvented use
• Mains pressure systempak available
• Residential or commercial use
• Can be used in battery formation for higher hot water output


Technical DataSL   
 SL 320SL 420SL 600
Total capacityL318413606
Primary capacityL5555161
Heating surface aream22.653.243.58
Primary pressure dropmbar909592
Primary flow rateLtrs/hr620064007200
Maximum useable input from boilerkW738888
Primary connections (female BSP)Æ1 1/2"1 1/2"2"
Hot water connections (male BSP)Æ1 1/2"1 1/2"1 1/2"
Weight emptykg141   167   238   
Weight fullkg459   580   844   
Maximum operating temperature°C858585
Performance Data    
Litres in first 10 minutes 40°C92211951345
Litres in first 10 minutes 45°C79010121153
Litres in first 10 minutes 60°C504620706
Litres in first hour40°C266631513437
Litres in first hour45°C228526082946
Litres in first hour60°C136815131733
Continuous flow 40°CLtrs/hr209325362511
Continuous flow 45°CLtrs/hr179420582152
Continuous flow 60°CLtrs/hr103711531232
Initial heat up time 10°C to 85°Cmin232435



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